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10 Reasons to Become a Kickboxing Trainer


Get Certified:

Get certified with our KICKFIT Fitness program by 100% Martial Arts and our certification is widely recognized.


Learn to Fight:

Immerse yourself in the practice and master kick and punch techniques, warm-ups, hand-wrapping, proper form and stance, footwork, boxing and kickboxing skills


Learn to Teach Different Levels:

The training provides insight on how to teach a beginner level class to an expert level class and how to manage the people in between.


Learn How to Manage Injuries:

Truth is, injuries happen to the best of us. This training will educate you on the most injurious areas in kickboxing – your back, hips, knees, ankles and shoulders

Help Others:

Did you know that 95% of students are drawn to MMA training in order to increase fitness and learn self-defense skills? Your job is to help increase confidence and safety in your community.




Increase Your Income:

Fitness kickboxing is one of the booming trends in the fitness industry and offers you a way to differentiate your skill set from your competition and increase your client base.

Get Fit:

Kickboxing is a powerful way to lose weight, get into shape and to defend yourself in sticky situations. Spending a consolidated amount of time deepening your skill level and understanding of the practice will be a priceless contribution to your own personal growth and development.

Get Inspired:

Learning the history, lineage and philosophy behind Martial Arts will transform your relationship to your practice, and ultimately, your own body and mind.

Have Fun:

Join a community of folks keen and eager to learn, laugh and fight!

Save Money:

Our program is one of the most affordable in the city!

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