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Ten Tips to Stay Healthy All Summer Long

Alongside the soft breeze and the sweet sunshine of summer time often comes an increased pressure to stay fit and more roadblocks to get there. Can you resist the temptation for yet another round of drinks on the patio and the aches for a siesta under the air conditioning unit on those record setting days for the sake of your health? This summer, the team of certified trainers and coaches at 100% Martial Arts want to help you stay on your best health behaviour. Here are our tried and true tips for staying strong, fit and healthy all summer long.

1-Schedule Your Fitness and Stick to Your Schedule:

Sit down and set a plan. What days will you work out? Schedule them like you would a business meeting (Eg. Kickboxing every Monday at 6:15pm) and don’t let an exciting last minute invitation to another BBQ stop you from getting your sweat on.

2-Summer Camp.

Summer camp is not just for the kids anymore. There are plenty of adult friendly summer camps popping up across the country. Send your kids to our Martial Arts Summer Camp with planned activities, active play and martial arts training in the dojo, and creative games while you head to something a bit more adult… like this.

3-Change Your Routine.

Sometimes we just don’t want to spend sunny days inside the gym. The change in season is a great time to implement a change in your workout routine. Try swimming at the local pool, running through local parks or hiking through nearby hills. Incorporate some squat walks and your body will thank you for the fresh air and the exercise.

4-Bike instead of Drive.

Avoid the sweaty gridlock in rush hour and instead burn calories and get a tan on your way to work. Enjoy the fresh breeze as it runs through your hair and admire the redefinition of your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves.

5-Plan for Fit Travel.

Keyword: PLAN. Whether it is a road trip or a flight across the globe, any healthy traveller knows that a little bit of preparation can go a long way. Pack your healthy meals, snacks, juices and more to avoid the high cost (for your body and your wallet) of convenience food on the road or at the airport.

6-Cocktail Counting.

In the summer, cocktails are everyones best friends, but did you know that the average 1.5 ounce cocktail of 80 proof alcohol include 96 calories before you even add your mix? A typical vodka tonic (which many celebrate as the healthy cocktail) contains 136 calories and 12 grams of sugar! Yikes!

7-Take the stairs. Everywhere.

8-Try Park Fitness.

Even if exercising isn’t your favourite thing, outdoor yoga festivals and public park bootcamp classes, run clubs and meditations are a great, fun, family friendly way to stay heathy without being stuck indoors on a beautiful summer day.

9-Plan a health-cation.

Yoga retreats in Bali, Bikini Bootcamps in Mexico, Colon Cleanses in Thailand… you name it. Travel trends report that wellness and health vacations are on the rise around the world. Maybe this summer you boycott the all-inclusive gluttony and embrace a more mindful sense of adventure?

10-Stay hydrated.

Proper hydration is essential in remaining healthy and strong and overcoming impulsive eating while managing your metabolism. Drink water 15 minutes before you exercise and for every 20 minutes working out, gulp up another eight ounces of water.

Let the team at 100% Martial Arts help you kickstart your summer of healthy fun. Try our new #KICKFIT program, summer camp and more. Contact us directly at 100martialarts to sign up today.

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